Self-portraits page

Lesson Plan 2 for KS3 school students (pdf)

Make and send a self portrait

First ask yourself or discuss with others the following questions:

  • What do you think people notice first about you?
  • What image do you want to project? Do you think you are able to do this successfully? If not, why not?
  • How does social media impact on how you see yourself and others?
  • How might others influence you in the way that you look? Do you have any role models?
  • Why might others interpret your image negatively?
  • Why might others see you in a positive light?
  • How is it possible for some people to see both positive and negative attributes in the same image?

Take a photo of your face with your phone. It will work better if there is a plain background behind you.

Open Instagram and edit the picture in Instagram Stories.

Add words around your face that express how you think others see you. Think of different kinds of people – teachers, parents, other young people, shopkeepers, police, people with a different heritage to you… the list is endless.

(either) Save the image and then send it as a direct message to @bollobrookyouthcentre on Instagram.

(or) Save the image to your photos.

You can then upload it to this website here.

It may then be displayed in our gallery. All images will be moderated before being displayed.