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We would like you to continue with the discussions. Discuss with those around you some of the questions raised in our conversations. Here are some to get you started…

Race or class?

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Do you think racism is linked to social inequalities or is it separate?

By concentrating on race and racism, are we failing to challenge how society is not fair for many people? Should we focus on changing attitudes to race or changing the whole system?

By separating out inequalities into different issues (race, gender, class, sexuality…) are we forgetting about generally respecting and understanding everyone’s differences (including differences of opinion)?

Is racism an age thing?

As younger people grow up in more mixed communities, will racism lessen?

Is racism based on a lack of understanding and experience of others’ lives or are there other reasons that lead to it?

As friendship groups become more mixed, do we have to rethink what is seen as racist (for example, non-Black people using the N-word or colour-based abuse of white people)? What are the dangers of this?

Is race racist?

Is race based on outdated ideas of superiority/inferiority?

Would we be better off, as President Macron of France has suggested, not identifying people by race or ethnicity, in the hope that we stop thinking about the differences? What are the dangers of this?

Why do we use colour to refer to some people (black, white) and nationality (no matter how distant) for others (Indian, Chinese)?

Consider what your opinions are now and whether we have changed them or not.

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